As per the World Federation of Exchanges’ April report, the total market capitalization of all listed companies worldwide hit $111.85 trillion as of February 2024, reflecting a growth of 1.48%. The total count of both domestic and international listed companies stood at 54,625. The trading volume for February was robust, with the total trades surpassing 4.34 trillion.

U.S. Stock Market Performance in Q1 2024 According to a Forbes update on April 1, 2024, the U.S. stock market saw substantial gains in the first quarter. The S&P 500 experienced a 3.2% return, influenced by a positive economic forecast. The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 6.1%, while the NASDAQ surged by 9.3%. Key sectors like technology, consumer cyclical, and consumer defensive were pivotal, each generating returns exceeding 8%.

Standout Performers Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI) emerged as a top performer in the S&P 500, with a stunning 255% gain year-to-date, and an impressive 502% since early 2023. NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) continued its strong performance from the previous year, with its market cap reaching $2.29 trillion in the first quarter, marking an 82% increase year-to-date and a 321% rise since 2023 began. NVIDIA has been a focal point for investors, particularly in the AI sector, receiving 39 Buy ratings from analysts over the past three months. The consensus price target for NVIDIA stands at $989.5, suggesting a potential 15% upside.

Further Insights and Market Dynamics The report continues below, including detailed commentary and analysis on the evolving market conditions and strategic economic shifts.

Top 30 Largest Stock Exchanges in the World

  1. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) – USA
    • The largest stock exchange in the world, located in New York City. Known for its massive market cap and the home to some of the biggest companies globally.
    • Primarily known for technology giants, it is the second-largest in the world and located in New York.
  3. Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) – China
    • The largest in Asia by market capitalization, this exchange is pivotal to China’s economic strategies.
  4. Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) – Hong Kong
    • Key exchange for global operations in Asia, linking the East and the West.
  5. Euronext – Europe
    • A pan-European stock exchange with subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Portugal, and Ireland.
  6. Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) – Japan
    • The largest stock exchange in Japan, playing a crucial role in the Asia-Pacific economy.
  7. Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) – China
    • A significant exchange in China, known for listing the country’s up-and-coming high-tech companies.
  8. London Stock Exchange (LSE) – United Kingdom
    • One of the oldest and most prestigious exchanges in the world.
  9. Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) – Canada
    • The largest stock exchange in Canada, known for its high concentration of mining and oil & gas companies.
  10. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) – India
    • The oldest stock exchange in Asia, it holds a significant place in the Indian economy.
  11. National Stock Exchange (NSE) – India
    • Known for its high trading volume, it competes closely with the BSE in India.
  12. SIX Swiss Exchange – Switzerland
    • Known for its robust financial regulations and a wide array of international investors.
  13. Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) – Australia
    • Australia’s primary securities exchange, known for its diversified portfolio.
  14. Korea Exchange (KRX) – South Korea
    • South Korea’s sole securities exchange operator.
  15. Deutsche Börse – Germany
    • Operates Europe’s third largest stock exchange, based in Frankfurt.
  16. Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) – Taiwan
    • The primary stock exchange of Taiwan, known for its tech-focused listings.
  17. JSE Limited – South Africa
    • The largest stock exchange in Africa, based in Johannesburg.
  18. B3 (Brasil Bolsa Balcão) – Brazil
    • One of the largest stock markets in Latin America, located in São Paulo.
  19. Moscow Exchange (MOEX) – Russia
    • The largest stock exchange in Russia, located in Moscow.
  20. Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) – Saudi Arabia
    • The only stock exchange in Saudi Arabia, playing a central role in the Middle East.
  21. Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) – Turkey
    • The sole exchange of Turkey, offering a wide range of financial products.
  22. Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) – Mexico
    • The second largest stock exchange in Latin America, located in Mexico City.
  23. Stockholm Stock Exchange (OMX) – Sweden
    • Part of Nasdaq Nordic, the exchange is known for its high standards of corporate governance.
  24. Madrid Stock Exchange (BME) – Spain
    • One of the oldest stock exchanges in the world, established in 1831.
  25. Swiss Exchange (SIX) – Switzerland
    • Noted for its non-European company listings and financial instruments.
  26. Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) – Indonesia
    • The major stock exchange in Indonesia, based in Jakarta.
  27. Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) – Philippines
    • The national stock exchange of the Philippines and a significant player in Southeast Asia.
  28. Malaysia Stock Exchange (Bursa Malaysia) – Malaysia
    • Known for its wide array of listed companies, including the globally recognized Petronas.
  29. Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) – Sri Lanka
    • An important stock exchange in South Asia, demonstrating steady growth.
  30. Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX) – Nigeria
    • The principal stock exchange of Nigeria, it plays a vital role in the African economy.

These exchanges are central to global economic activity, reflecting both regional economic dynamics and global financial trends. Each provides a unique set of opportunities and challenges, catering to a wide spectrum of industries and capital market needs.

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