Wawa Celebrates 60 Years with Massive Free Coffee Giveaway and Special Promotions

There’s no better way to start your day than with a freshly brewed cup of coffee—especially when it’s free! This coming Tuesday, April 16, marks the 60th anniversary of Wawa’s transformation from a simple dairy farm into a beloved convenience store chain, renowned for its rich coffee and hearty sandwiches.

To celebrate this landmark occasion, Wawa is offering a generous giveaway of 1.5 million cups of coffee, available in any size, to customers throughout the day. To add a touch of nostalgia to the celebration, the coffee will be served in vintage-themed cups reminiscent of Wawa’s early days, complete with hoagie-themed paper wraps.

Google Doodle Celebrates Flat White Coffee In a fun twist, even Google is getting in on coffee celebrations with a Doodle dedicated to the iconic flat white. They’ve shared tips on brewing the perfect cup at home, adding a global dimension to the coffee festivities.

A Word from Wawa’s CEO Wawa’s CEO, Chris Gheysens, expressed his enthusiasm about the milestone, stating, “On April 16, we invite our customers to join us in celebrating both our storied past and bright future. Let’s toast to the myriad of moments that have brightened our days over the years.”

60th Anniversary Exclusive Deals In addition to free coffee, Wawa’s 60th anniversary features several fantastic promotions:

  • 60-Cent Treats: Customers can enjoy special 60-cent offers, including 60-cent birthday cake doughnuts and select discounts on teas, juices, and lemonade.
  • Day Brightener Recognition: Each Wawa store will honor a “Day Brightener,” a valued customer who will receive a celebratory sash, a commemorative mug, and a week’s supply of free coffee as a token of appreciation.
  • $1 Million Charity Initiative: Wawa, in conjunction with The Wawa Foundation, is committed to donating $1 million in gift cards to various charitable organizations such as the Special Olympics, the American Red Cross, Children’s Miracle Network, and the USO, supporting both local and national causes.

This Tuesday, join Wawa in a celebration that promises not only a caffeine kick but also a chance to make a difference in the community. Whether you’re there for the free coffee or the festive atmosphere, Wawa’s 60th anniversary is all set to be a memorable day.

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